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We are contracted with and authorized by Philips Respironics to perform EverFlo warranty repairs!

The Best Solution for Home Medical Equipment Repair
Altra Service provides fast and affordable repair and maintenance for all of the U.S. We service most CPAP machines, oxygen concentrators, and much more. Our technicians are certified and we offer a free shipping label.

EverFlo Warranty Repair:

Philips Respironics no longer repairs EverFlo concentrators at their repair depots. All Respironics EverFlo warranty repairs must go through a Respironics authorized service center, such as Altra Service Professionals.

We offer FREE Pickup and Delivery for commercial customers located in our service area, which includes most of Florida, Southern Georgia, Eastern Alabama, New England, New York, and New Jersey. We also accept units via FedEx or UPS. All customers outside of our service area are responsible for shipping costs to and from Altra Service Professionals.

Fast turn around – usually within 1 week. Need it faster, give us a call! We’re flexible. Whether it’s 1 unit or 100, we have the staff and parts to get your EverFlo’s back in service fast.

Easy process. Contact us via email at or toll free at (888) 551-5267. Send us your machines. We fix them and send them back. No more hassle of RA numbers. We track all repairs by manufacturer serial number.  Need to reference something? Send us a PO number and we’ll include that on all of the associated paperwork. Need a business agreement for your accreditation? We’ve got you covered. Our non-binding service agreement will take care of that.

Best of all – no cost to you! Respironics EverFlo machines under warranty through Respironics are repaired and returned at no cost to you. How? Altra Service Professionals (ASP) is a Philips Respironics Factory Authorized Service Center (FASC). We are reimbursed by Respironics for parts, labor, and return shipping.

Liter flow fluctuating? We can fix that! Alarming? Not a problem! Low purity? Piece of cake! Not sure if it’s under warranty? Too busy to look it up? Provide us with the model number and serial number and we’d be happy to look it up for you.

EverFlo Out-of-Warranty Repair:

Has your Respironics EverFlo warranty expired? No problem. We’d be happy to provide an estimate to fix your EverFlo concentrator (or any other concentrator). You’d be surprised how cost effective it can be to fix most EverFlo issues.

Questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We’re here to help!

Respironics EverFlo User Manual