Altra Service Professionals Certified to Repair ResMed Astral Ventilators

Ocala, FL, Dec 28, 2020 (  – ResMed, the manufacturer of sleep apnea, ventilation, and portable oxygen devices, has certified Altra Service Professionals to repair the Astral 100 and Astral 150 for customers in the United States and Canada. Earlier this year, Altra Service Professionals were appointed as an Authorized Repair Center for ResMed.

Altra Service Professionals now services the ResMed Astral ventilators.

Altra Service Professionals was chosen as one of only a few service centers nationally that will perform both warranty and non-warranty repair services for the Astral ventilators. They are certified to perform these repairs in their facility in Ocala, FL. Their New England location (Berlin, CT) will begin performing these repairs in early 2021.

Laurie DeChello, Vice President and Co-owner of Altra Service, stated, “We have been repairing ResMed CPAP and bilevel sleep apnea devices for many years. We are excited to add the certification of repairing the Astral ventilator, as well as their ventilator, the ActivOx P4L portable oxygen concentrator.”

Home care companies can refer their patients who own their own equipment to Altra Service Professionals when the patients’ respiratory equipment fails. This provides the patients with a solution for their broken machines without the home care dealer incurring the cost associated with servicing these machines, proving loaners, etc.

Altra Service Professionals is a respiratory home medical equipment repair company. They offer local pickup and delivery to commercial customers in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, New England, New York, and New Jersey. The end-user can visit their office in Ocala, FL, or obtain a pre-paid shipping label to mail their unit in on their website: To contact Altra Service Professionals, call them at 888-551-5267 or email them at  

Laurie DeChello, MPH, CPH is the health educator and a co-owner of Altra Service Professionals, Inc. Laurie writes a health blog for the ASP website regarding issues related to respiratory illnesses and treatment. She is a certified technician repairing ventilators and sleep apnea equipment. She also assists in keeping the office running smoothly. Laurie previously taught courses in the health sciences with Kaplan University. She also taught public health courses at the University of Connecticut and performed epidemiologic research (the spread and control of diseases) also at the University of Connecticut for 11 years. She is widely published in the medical literature. Laurie lives in Florida with her amazing husband, two adorable boys and numerous animals on their small farm. She enjoys cooking and entertaining at her home. Laurie has her Master’s in Public Health and is also Certified in Public Health. If you have a public health question or would like more information about your illness, please contact her at She is also available to develop and lead health seminars.