Be Healthy in the New Year

People make New Year’s resolutions. If you didn’t make any for your health, it is not too late. Anytime is a good time to change your behavior for a healthier you. Our office staff ran in a 5K in December in an effort to get more exercise. It can be more fun to exercise with a group. You can join classes in your area or find a group of friends to exercise with.

RD Run

Maybe you are not ready to run a 5K, but you can still take steps to improve your health. Eating at least five fruits and vegetables a day can make a big difference in your diet and how you feel. Reducing the amount of fat in your diet can help you feel less sluggish and help you to lose fat. Along with a balanced diet and any type of exercise can help you become more healthy this year.

If you have been prescribed a to use a CPAP or oxygen concentrator, you can ensure healthier breathing by maintaining your machine. Some machines have filters that can be cleaned or replaced. Concentrator tubing and CPAP tubing should be replaced every three months. Make sure that the air you are putting in your lungs is as pure as it can be to help you stay healthy. Filter kits are available to purchase to replace in your machine for cleaner air. There are many other steps you can take to keep your CPAP clean and working efficiently; click here to review general maintenance for CPAP machines.

Laurie DeChello, MPH, CPH is the health educator and a co-owner of Altra Service Professionals, Inc. Laurie writes a health blog for the ASP website regarding issues related to respiratory illnesses and treatment. She is a certified technician repairing ventilators and sleep apnea equipment. She also assists in keeping the office running smoothly. Laurie previously taught courses in the health sciences with Kaplan University. She also taught public health courses at the University of Connecticut and performed epidemiologic research (the spread and control of diseases) also at the University of Connecticut for 11 years. She is widely published in the medical literature. Laurie lives in Florida with her amazing husband, two adorable boys and numerous animals on their small farm. She enjoys cooking and entertaining at her home. Laurie has her Master’s in Public Health and is also Certified in Public Health. If you have a public health question or would like more information about your illness, please contact her at She is also available to develop and lead health seminars.