Altra Service Professionals (ASP) announced today the addition of Alabama to their commercial customer service area. “We are very excited to expand into Alabama” said Bob DeChello, President of Altra Service Professionals. “When Tony and I purchased the company back in 2010, we were only servicing Florida. It has been one of our goals to expand into Georgia and Alabama and here we are. We have a great staff that is committed to taking care of our customers and it shows in their work. We are in the position to be able to expand because of their hard work and dedication to Altra and our customers.”

Oxygen Concentrator RepairASP specializes in respiratory medical equipment sales and service, including oxygen concentrator repairs, CPAP repairs, Suction Machine repairs, and used Oxygen Concentrator sales. Their service area isn’t limited to the southest United States as they receive equipment from all over the US. In additional to commercial customers, they also service the general public. “Many people own their medical equipment” says DeChello. “When it breaks, the company that sold it to them just wants to sell another piece of equipment. Most of the time we are able to fix someones machine for less than half the cost to replace it. We do a ton of Respironics CPAP repairs for people that own their machines. We are happy to provide them with options.”

What’s next for Altra Service Professionals? DeChello says “We just want to continue providing honest, excellent service at a competative price for our customers. If we do that, then the rest will follow.”

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