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Required Screening and Testing for Professional Truck Drivers

This is the third post in a three post series to promote the health of people with sleep apnea. One of the top causes of car accidents is due to fatigue. It is estimated that 56,000 accidents a year are

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What Can Happen when Sleep Apnea is Untreated

This is the second of a three blog post series to promote the health of people who suffer from sleep apnea.   Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder affecting a person’s breathing. The gold-standard in treatment is the use of a CPAP

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Now Serving International Customers

For Immediate Release September 23, 2014 Altra Service Professionals, Inc., a medical equipment repair company located in Ocala, FL, has announced the addition of international sales and service to its’ offerings. ASP partnered with Bongo International to provide customers from

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Noncompliance for CPAP/BPAP Use in Sleep Apnea Patients

This is the first of a three blog post series to promote the health of people who suffer from sleep apnea. This first post will discuss the issue of patients’ adherence to sleep apnea therapy. The second in the series

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We’ve Moved…Again!

Who’s bright idea was it to move our repair center, located in Ocala, Florida, in the middle of summer? I guess that was me! After several long days of exhausting work, we are almost done. We moved last year at this

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What Increases Risk of Chronic Bronchitis in COPD?

Research studies have found that having chronic bronchitis (CB) can increase the chance of death.  (1) People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are more likely to become ill with CB, making it even more difficult to breathe. (2) (3) CB has

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