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Altra Service Professionals provides repair service on devices that are used by patients with sleep apnea. Our posts help provide insight to readers on the topic of sleep apnea.

Altra Service Professionals appointed an Authorized Service Center for ResMed

Altra Service Professionals is now able to service ResMed sleep apnea devices under warranty.

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New Sleep Apnea Guidelines for Truck Drivers

New guidelines for truck drivers regarding sleep apnea screening have been created. The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and Medical Review Board approved the guidelines this past October. The ultimate authority to approve and put the guidelines into practice is

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What Can Happen when Sleep Apnea is Untreated

This is the second of a three blog post series to promote the health of people who suffer from sleep apnea.   Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder affecting a person’s breathing. The gold-standard in treatment is the use of a CPAP

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Noncompliance for CPAP/BPAP Use in Sleep Apnea Patients

This is the first of a three blog post series to promote the health of people who suffer from sleep apnea. This first post will discuss the issue of patients’ adherence to sleep apnea therapy. The second in the series

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A First Time for Everything

A couple months ago, you may remember a post where we found a dead mouse in a CPAP machine. Our new experience this month is an oxygen concentrator that has been shot. That’s right, our repair technician found that a

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CPAP Maintenance

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition where a person has problems breathing at night. Specifically, the airways are repeatedly blocked causing the person to stop breathing for an extended time. The body struggles to get the blocked airway open, which

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